Dynamic Resource Management

Experience unparalleled accuracy in resource utilization and optimize your workflow with minimal effort.


Live resource monitoring for improved efficiency

Get a precise understanding of the resources being used in your cloud platform with our real-time resource monitoring. Immediately recognize any potential overspending and wasted resources, while also reaping cost savings.

Real Time

Track resource utilization in real time with live metrics

Equip yourself with the knowledge of current resource statuses, allowing you to easily recognize cost savings and optimize productivity. Our innovative dashboard gives users an in-depth overview of each resource usage, which allows for fast identification of areas that need attention.


Maximize visibility through tagging

Our Tag Enable allows you to assign labels to each resource such as VMs, databases, storage accounts, etc to organize resources and track costs. This makes it easy to identify, track, and control resources across multiple cloud services from one dashboard.


Improved control and productivity with inventory reports

With a single click, access all of the essential information about each resource- from its name and distinct ID to even when it was created. This not only allows more convenience but also eliminates the need to continually log in and out of various cloud platforms.

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