Cost Optimization

Quickly pinpoint potential areas of improvement to drastically reduce cloud bills and maximize profits.


Spot  idle resources and implement cost optimization techniques

With instant emails and in-app notifications, you can stay informed about what your cloud platform is costing you. In this way, you can avoid surprise charges from going undetected. Keep track of your finances with ease.


Find the right size for your cloud resources and save on costs

Make informed decisions with a clear overview of cost predictions with our interactive dashboard. Our forecasting tool provides you with an estimate of expected costs based on previous utilization, so you can make proactive adjustments and stay within budget.


Uncover budget-stressing issues with a powerful cost-debugging tool

Obtain a detailed analysis report that includes precise information such as the creation date of each resource and its utilization. This type of insight allows you to reduce complexity, helping you gain an improved comprehension of your cloud platform costs beyond what is offered by traditional cloud providers.


Amplify cloud savings with optimized usage and comparative analysis capabilities

Gain insight into the last 30 days of your cloud costs and make more informed choices. Our feature allows users to track their resource utilization, enabling them to adjust their budget as needed. In addition, our tool grants you the ability to compare your expenses between various clouds and maximize savings with optimized usage.

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