Cost Overview

Gather a comprehensive view of your cloud costs and save money in the long term with ease.


Achieve cost-efficiency with regular notifications

With instant emails and in-app notifications, you can stay informed about what your cloud platform is costing you. In this way, you can avoid surprise charges from going undetected. Keep track of your finances with ease.


Smart cost forecasts to cease overspendings

Make informed decisions with a clear overview of cost predictions with our interactive dashboard. Our forecasting tool provides you with an estimate of expected costs based on previous utilization, so you can make proactive adjustments and stay within budget.


Advanced filtration for cost optimization

Dig deeper into your cloud platform costs with our sophisticated filtering. Create filters based on resource utilization, cost distributions, and other criteria to gain a greater understanding of where you’re spending money.


Microscopic expense tracking to  monitor costs

Gain a granular understanding of the exact price for each service or asset that is part of your platform with our detailed cost breakdown based on key pairs, so you will always get optimal value from every dollar spent.


Concrete evidence of previous cost-saving successes

Our dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your monthly cost savings on various cloud platforms, enabling you to showcase your successes and encourage additional optimization for improved efficiency from the same resources.

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